Loans for those in debt

The name of the borrower in debt is most often found in all possible bases of debtors. A place in the database automatically prevents further loans from banks. On the one hand, it is hardly surprising to the banks that they do so, and on the other, blocking such possibilities prevents the indebted borrower from paying off debts with money from subsequent loans. Sometimes it is the only way out of difficult situations and to avoid really serious problems.

A loan for those in debt

A loan for those in debt

A long-term loan is the optimal solution for all people who are already indebted, who are under pressure of losing financial liquidity and for whom the bank has refused to grant another loan. This type of loan makes it possible to spread repayments over a long period of time and in friendly installments. It is also usually associated with the possibility of obtaining the maximum borrowing amount for a given lender.

Long-term loan for indebted is a product on the financial market for a relatively short time.

Long-term loan for indebted is a product on the financial market for a relatively short time.

It appeared in the wake of the demand and permanently growing indebtedness of Poles. This type of loan can be obtained from a non-bank institution even if you have a negative entry in the debtors’ databases. The presence in these bases and even bailiff executions do not exclude access to loans for the indebted. Moreover, long-term loans can also be granted to people who are not working. Loan for the unemployed is another product addressed to people on benefits and even those who have no documented income. The lender assumes that he has the tools to enforce debt. In addition to the unemployed, students, farmers or pensioners can apply for a similar loan. In a word, it is a financial product of universal access.

Loan for those in debt – conditions

Loan for those in debt - conditions

There are currently at least several dozen official loan companies on our financial market that grant loans to people in debt . In most cases, the entire procedure is done online. The lowest offered amount is PLN 100, the highest PLN 25,000 without the need for any form of pledge or security. There are companies that offer up to several million zlotys, however, in such cases it is already necessary to secure the loan. These are special cases that are difficult to even enter into statistics. Ordinary mortal – a person in debt, if he had such security, probably would not fall into a spiral of debt.

Loan companies also use an extremely wide scale for RSO. From zero, for people who borrow from them for the first time, up to almost 2000%. In less extreme cases, the RSO is about 70%. Zero-value loans, as you can easily guess, will never be significant. Companies also use different repayment terms, some of them even offer to postpone the first payment, soon for two months, but it may be crucial for many people. The repayment deadline for small amounts is usually 1 – 1.5 months, for larger ones it starts from 3 months and ends at 60.

The divergence of the loans offer for indebted people is therefore huge, and the cost of loans is also noteworthy. Clearly part of the current offer is directed to desperate people, those who agree to all conditions to put out at least one fire.